Good service and customer care make a difference

Today, the SIF Group is one of Zealand’s largest and most experienced service companies in the electricity industry. With our more than 200 service vehicles, we cover the whole of Zealand and provide services to business, government, public and private customers.

We are proud of our good and long-standing relationships with our service customers, and appreciate the good and constructive cooperation. Service and customer care are the key words for us who deal daily with the installation and service of traditional electrical installations. We know from experience that regular and satisfied customers are only obtained when you combine quality work with good service.

Whatever task we face, our goal is to understand the customer’s needs and to create confidence and satisfaction with the chosen solution, with special focus on finances, quality and future expansion opportunities. We attach great importance to good communication prior to the commencement of each task.

We solve all types of tasks within electrical work where building installations in particular are an important business area. We advise, install, repair and maintain in the following areas:

  • Lighting systems
  • Lighting control
  • Switchboard and distribution system
  • UPS and emergency power system
  • Pump controllers
  • Traditional electrical tasks
  • Fixed house electrician
  • Service and maintenance

Lighting systems and lighting control

These years there is a lot of focus on energy consumption, and lighting systems are one of the places where there is a lot of money to save. By choosing the right lighting and lighting control, with motion sensors, acoustic sensors and daylight control, for example, great energy savings can be achieved.

We offer lighting systems and lighting controls for every purpose and make sure that lighting calculations are carried out so that the lighting systems meet the applicable requirements.

We ensure solutions where we take into account the choice of light sources with optimum light output in the required color rendering, energy efficient lighting system with customization of the installed lighting effect, efficient light fixtures with adequate light distribution and good dimming, efficient use of daylight, efficient use of artificial light and natural light and possibility for individual needs adjustment. Furthermore, we ensure a good planning of maintenance of the plant.

Switchboard and distribution system

In everything from the private home to large commercial real estate, the demands on the electricity supply are getting bigger and bigger in line with the technological development, thus setting greater demands on the quality and reliability of switchboards and distribution systems.

In the SIF Group we have kept up with the technological developments and are therefore fully up to date with the stricter requirements. We have extensive experience in rebuilding and renovating both small and large switchboards and we only work with the leading suppliers of switchboard and supply systems in Denmark.

Many modern manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies require special, purpose-built control panels or distribution systems where temperature sensitivity, time or interval control and humidity, etc. plays a crucial role. Here too we can advise on, deliver and install the right solutions.

To prevent situations with overloading of switchboard systems that can contribute to short circuits, faulty components, production shutdowns, power failure or, in the worst case, fire, we recommend that a preventive thermography examination be made on an ongoing basis. Such thermography can reveal, among other things, whether the board has loose wiring, cable shoe or fuse connections, odd loads, overloads, and other types of component failure.

UPS and emergency power system

Internet, telephony, and server systems are all important networks for corporate infrastructure. The networks are therefore sensitive devices that can cost time, money and hassle if they fail. A UPS system helps ensure both data and safe operation. A UPS system is a kind of backup power supply that is always ready to take over and supply power should the regular power supply fail. In the SIF Group, we can provide UPS and emergency power solutions that can be used in both the small business and in the large industrial plant.

Pump controllers

In the SIF Group, we have many years of experience in the construction of intelligent pump controls connected to functions for energy optimization, data collection and alarm management. We offer control solutions in many shades, from the simpler pump systems, to the larger advanced pump systems based on the latest technology.

Traditional electrical tasks

With about 100 years of experience in the industry as a licensed electrical installer, we of course carry out all kinds of traditional electrical installations, from a small extension of an installation with an extra socket to large comprehensive conversions of electrical installations in a whole commercial building. We have a great deal of experience doing work in buildings in operation, and always make sure that our work is to the least possible disadvantage to the users of the building, whether it is the supply of cables for various installations and objects, hanging of lamps, troubleshooting the existing installations or other. We always have the necessary tools and measuring equipment for every task.

Fixed house electrician

The SIF Group also acts as a permanent house electrician for up to several large companies, and in this connection offers to solve all the overdue electrical engineering tasks in daily life.

Service and maintenance

We can provide service and preventative maintenance for all our installations regardless of size and complexity. We also offer in the form of advantageous service agreements to manage the coordination of the required inspections.

We do not compromise on quality

The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied. That’s why we listen to you and jointly find a solution that exactly matches your wishes and needs, and quality is not something we compromise on. With almost 100 years of experience and constant focus on new technologies, education, security and the environment, we can assure you solutions where nothing is left to chance.

For us, it is crucial that you feel safe in our hands. We guarantee you that all our employees are reliable and that everyone has a relevant professional training. We can thus assure you that your installations are always legal and safe.

Customized solutions

In order to achieve the best result, we believe it is important to create tailor-made solutions that are tailored to the individual customer’s needs and the requirements that are set for the installation and often also the building. We guarantee the best advice and the most flexible and future-proof solution, regardless of the size and design of the installation. We are involved in the whole process, from idea to installation and subsequent service.


We are convinced that in the future, a great deal of focus will be on integrated solutions that will make your everyday life easier for you. We can thus advise you on solutions where user-friendliness and integration between all the different systems and systems is the key word.

A permanent contact

Our nearly 100 years in the industry have taught us that personal relationships play an important role in achieving complete satisfaction. It must be both simple and convenient for you to have an engagement with the SIF Group. Therefore, we offer you a permanent contact person who will be available throughout the period in which we are allowed to be your service partner. Furthermore, we can assure you that it is always the same or the same electrician who comes into your property. In this way you are ensured that we at all times know both you, your needs and your property.

If you need more

The SIF Group as a whole comprises more than 270 committed and competent employees who work closely and across many areas of competence. You can therefore advantageously choose the SIF Group if you need good solutions within other or more types of installations or systems. Whatever your needs, we make sure you get the best advice and best solution for you, and we guarantee you that you will still have the same contact throughout.

ISO 9001: 2015 certified electrical installer

The SIF Group’s quality assurance system is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard regarding sales, design, installation and service of electrical installations.

The goal of our quality assurance is to:

  • We deliver what we promise – and thereby we get satisfied customers                                                                            We carry out quality work in all our business areas and we make sure that all customer agreements are clear, unambiguous and are complied with
  • We have broad competencies and a well-functioning organization
    We carry out all work at a high professional level and safety in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations
  • We have satisfied and motivated employees
    All our employees help to ensure the quality of the work done. Everyone in the SIF Group is therefore obliged to point out and report quality deficiencies
  • Our work environment and safety meet the highest standards
    It is the individual’s duty to be familiar with and comply with the regulations and guidelines set by the SIF Group in relation to quality
  • We want to be a healthy company with acceptable financial results
    By setting quality objectives, the SIF Group will ensure continuous improvement of the quality assurance system’s efficiency.