Copper cabling cat. 6

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Cat 6 cable is the enhanced version of cat. 5 cables that support up to 10Gbps or 10 gigabits per. second. These speeds make it attractive for new network installations that require the transfer of larger data packets.

Cat. SHA

There are several technical differences between cats. 6 cable and cat. 6a cable is the bandwidth.

Cat 6. cable, can be used up to 250 MHz while cat. 6a doubles it, giving 500 MHz.

Along with improved insulation against interference, cat. The 6a cable is capable of conducting a 10 Gbps transmission over 100 meters of cable while cat. 6 cable is only capable of 10 Gbps over 37 meter cable.

If you want greater speeds than a cat. 6A, one should consider fiber optic, which is a cable that uses a glass core to transmit light.