Terms and Conditions

Spar Nord Bank
Rådhuspladsen 75
1550 Copenhagen V
Account number: 9385-456 20 76781
IBAN: DK9293854562076781

Net 8 days. Billing will be sent by post, from OIO UBL or per mail as attached pdf. File.
In case of overdue payment, an interest of 2% will be added from due date and for every commenced month hereafter and a possible late fee of kr. 100, -.

Housing associations, property companies and the like can negotiate special terms. Supplier bills and inquiries for accounting is received at faktura@ph-el.dk.

Sale- & delivery conditions

Understand your bill
Hourly wage is calculated from every commenced half hour with a minimum of one hour.

Material use is to be paid for. Travel is calculated per car, per hour and cover expenses for service car, fuel, administration etc.

Environmental costs are added in case of having to get rid of diverse materials.

In part, material that requires special handling, for example pvc- or leaded cables, light tubes, batteries, appliances and the like and in part getting rid of regular trash.
Fixings is a term for diverse materials such as screws, cabelbonds and the like. Used for fixing cables and other materials.

Fixings are calculated as a percentage of the material price.

SKS is a security and quality safety system that has been legally required since 01/01-08 and requires third party control.

We are controlled by Bureau Veritas to keep our ISO 9001 certification.

The installer has to perform control of the installation done with special measuring equipment and thereafter fill out a control rapport. The rapport has to follow the order and be kept by the company for 10 years. This system requires some maintenance and updating with expenses following specific purchasing of measuring equipment and performing of control. For covering the expenses, an SKS fee is charged. If the bill is wanted divided in work pay and materials or in specific another fashion, this is to be mentioned before the work is initiated.

Further questions regarding your bill is received at ph@ph-el.dk

PH-EL ApS is an authorized electrical installer and we guarantee that all electrical work done is done professionally correct and in accordance with current legal requirements.

We are members of the installer’s organization TEKNIQ – Which is why you have a guarantee scheme and the possibility to complain to the appeal board if you, against expectations, should be unsatisfied with the work completed.

When delivery is done directly to the client’s address, it is the receivers responsibility to control that the delivery is correct and undamaged. Possible errors or lacks are to be disclosed to the office immediately.

Special offer pricing is binding for 30 days unless otherwise specified.

Offer pricing assumes that the installations we work on, replace parts in, connect appliances to are installed correctly, well-functioning, error free and legal. All pricing is based on unhindered and safe access.