Vision and Mission

We at PH-EL & Sikring will:

We are and always will be a company at a high professional level and must be a serious and trusting business partner and adviser to our clients.

We want to have a good working environment with skilled and committed employees in a healthy business. We want a great awareness of PH-EL and PH-Security both in management and in employees. As a customer, you have to label a company with a bottom solid and special attitude.


  • to remain one of the industry’s solid electrical installers
  • to carry out our work with professional pride, – quality work
  • to comply with agreements with our customers
  • retaining current employees and making PH-EL an attractive workplace, also for new employees
  • to make the customer happy so that we can come again and are recommended to others
  • to train our employees in line with developments

PH-EL & Sikring will be the electrician you think of when you need to have qualified electrical work – whether you live in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Zealand.