Get LED in your home to save money and the environment

LED has come to stay. It won’t be long before all lighting is LED and there are many reasons for this:

First of all, LED is economically viable. By exchanging your old lighting to LED at home, you will typically be able to save 70-99% on the electrical bill entirely due to less electrical consumption. You will also save money on maintenance because of the longer life expectancy. Secondly, LED is the more environmentally safe choice in a time where it is necessary to save on power. Last but not least, there are more choices in regard to LED, color temperatures and lighting compared to regular bulbs. It makes sense to create your own personal lighting with LED.

At PH-EL & Security, we have been in the business since 1959 and thereby been there from the beginning. Throughout the years, we have helped companies and private individuals with everything from small and intelligent LED solutions to the largest total enterprises of lighting. We har used the years to optimize our distributers and knowhow, so that we know feel, that we can offer our costumers advice, service and innovative solutions on LED at prices that we are proud of.

What is LED?

LED Lamp
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and in Danish “lysdiode”. In contrast to a regular bulb that works by converting electrical energy to electromagnetic energy, the light diode chip in LED is made up of a half conductor with a very high utilization. In the regular bulb only 3% of the electrical energy is converted into visible light – 97% is lost as warmth energy in the form of infrared lighting. In LED the utilization is close to 100%.

Besides the low power consumption, the half conductor technique means that it has a very long-life expectancy. Where the regular incandescent bulb or a halogen bulb might have a life expectancy of 1000 hours, the LED light, typically has a life expectancy of 30-50,000 hours.

Choose the right color tone for your LED lighting.

Traditional bulbs emit a fixed color tone that lies around the color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, also known as warm white. It is an artificial light which we have grown accustomed to through generations. With LED light, it is entirely possible to get corresponding light sources, however, by changing the bandgap in the light diode chip, you can get LED in many different color temperatures.

This may sound weird, changing the color temperature, but there is a sense in doing it. New research shows that the body naturally respond to the hot color tone by gearing down and getting ready for the night, because the light resembles the light of a sunset. Natural sunlight during the day has a completely different character, it is more blueish and “cold”, corresponding to 4-6000 Kelvin. Warm white corresponds to a natural lighting during a sunset – a light with a redder glow – and it is the optimal choice for lighting in the living room. In the hours of the day, where the light is used for working at the office or in the kitchen, it is better with a neutral white (4000 Kelvin) or a cold white (>4000 Kelvin), because the research shows that a cooler color temperature is better for energy and productivity.

Get your light and security done with PH-El & Security

Lighting is the best security against break-ins and theft. At PH-EL & Security we have been in the electrical and security business since 1959 and we have performed security and lighting enterprises for some of the largest businesses in Denmark. We handle all assignments for both private individuals and businesses. With our experience and knowhow, we can help you see new possibilities for your LED lighting.

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