Heat pumps & climate cooling

Heat pumps & climate coolingA heat pump is the best heat source of our time when comparing efficiency, cost, installation and maintenance

Heat pumps are extremely useful as they produce heat very quickly. The heat pump can of course be used throughout the heating season, but is also distinguished by extending the season when no oil or gas is used for heating. The heat pump can only be used in spring and autumn as a heat source in the cold evenings and mornings, either by switching on a timer or by manually switching on. This way you avoid unnecessary fire, during the daytime when the house is empty, and at night when you are under the duvet.

Heat pumps, despite their ingenious use of energy, are also a very simple product. A heat pump consists of an indoor and outdoor section, where the outdoor section draws energy from the air and delivers it via a pipe system to the inside section. This is done via a compression / decompression of a liquid agent that all plants have pre-filled.

Via a fan on the outdoor unit, the air is passed through lots of small slats where the energy of the air is delivered to the liquid medium, as in a heat exchanger.

When the energy reaches the indoor section, another fan causes the heat to be sent back into the room.

Basically, heat pumps can be used in all types of insulated housing, and are the optimal substitute for heating with oil, electricity, gas and wood pellets. Today, air / air heat pumps also function as air conditioning, which is why the pumps can actively cool the air and regulate the humidity for a better indoor climate. The main reason for this is the circulation that the inner part creates, with the fan. The heat dissipation is a completely different and better experience than with traditional radiators or stoves. In addition, the purification of the air through the filter

Use 1kW and get 3 to 5kW again. That’s the whole essence of heat pumps. They are based on the gigantic energy source, which nature is all year round. Also, when the sun’s rays are almost gone. For even at low outdoor temperatures, the soil and air contain very large amounts of energy that can be used for heating and hot water. It is the environmental considerations of CO2 emissions combined with high prices for both oil and gas that make heat pumps an energy solution that is just right.

With us you can get two types of heat pumps, air to air and air to water.

Air to air heat pump

The energy is extracted here from the outside air or from the exhaust air in connection with mechanical ventilation and the heat is blown into the housing as heated air. This type of plant cannot be used for heating domestic water. Quality products within air heat pumps may be relevant in connection with summer houses and as a partial replacement for electric heating. Air to air can both cool, heat and dehumidify.

Air to water heat pump

Here, the energy is extracted from the outside air or from the exhaust air in connection with mechanical ventilation and converted into hot water, which can be used for heating and hot water. Typically, efficiency is slightly lower than geothermal plants, but construction costs are, on the other hand, lower. Such plants can e.g. be relevant in houses with less heating needs, including low-energy houses. Air to water can replace oil or gas boilers, and it also allows you to use the radiators already in the building.

Geothermal heating plants

The heat is extracted here from hoses in the ground and converted into hot water, which can be used in the house’s central heating system and for heating hot domestic water. This type of plant is typically the most energy efficient. It is these plants that are most relevant in the case of oil furnace replacement.

What is SCOP?

The latest and most relevant to the utilization rate is the SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance), which is an annual effect rate, where the average temperature for the year is recognized.

SCOP tells you how much heat you get from the heat pump. an SCOP of e.g. 5 tells you that every time you consume 1 watt, you get 5 watts of heat back. If the SCOP is 4 you get 4 Watt at a consumption of 1 Watt etc.

With a heat pump, annual heating costs can be lowered by up to 55% in a smaller house. The savings are often so large that the investment earns home in quite a few years. At the same time, a heat pump requires virtually no maintenance and they are easy to operate.


Electricity kWh price = 2.00

VP = heat pump

Annual consumption before heating (130 m2 house) Price for heat pump with installation. Annual consumption after replacement Annual savings payback. Heat pump COP/SCOP
Switch to 70% air / air VP and 30% electric heating  18.100 kWh   15.000 kr   8600 kWh   19.000 kr.   10 mdr.                      4,0
At 50% electricity and 50% VP 18.100 kWh 15.000 kr. 11.300 kWh 13.600 kr.  1 år og 2 mdr.                     4,0

Below you will find a schematic overview of the savings you can make with an air to air heat pump. Note the very short payback time and how much you save per. year. It is significant.

Energy Grants

We can help you ensure the most optimal subsidies for your energy improvement. For guidance, we can state that you can obtain a subsidy in excess of DKK 6,000 in heat pumps.

We offer you all kinds of solutions. Also to expand the plant with solar panels and geothermal heat. Sometimes cold is necessary for both humans and technology. Ask us about comfort cooling for e.g. machine rooms and server rooms.



From Kr. 11.995, – incl. VAT, standard mounting and energy supplement



Prices are incl. standard installation and energy supplement, mounted on external wall max. 3mtr. between inside and outside. Connection in outlet with ground within a distance of 1-2 m. Establishment of outlet and / or ground spikes is not standard.

Panasonic heat pump NZ25TKE

Panasonic’s heat pumps are specially developed for the Nordic climate. Single Panasonic pumps are designed to be effective right down to -35 ° C. Designed for outstanding energy savings and highest performance, while keeping the indoor climate comfortable and comfortable all year round.

This heat pump has a basic heat function which allows the pump to keep a room frost-proof by not allowing the temperature to fall below 8 to 15 degrees, making it ideal for holiday homes or private homes. It is also possible to purchase Remote Control so that you can easily control the pump remotely via your mobile phone. Then you can easily turn up the heat before heading for the cottage. The pump is equipped with a Nano system that effectively cleans the air. Effective against airborne and adherent microorganisms such as viruses, molds and bacteria.