Video surveillance system – of the highest quality

TV surveillance is becoming increasingly popular for securing people, values and things of high economic value and affection value. In addition, video surveillance is a security for many employees in e.g. banks, warehouses, retail and department stores where they may feel suspected if there have been shortcomings or thefts.

With the help of video surveillance system, some of the insecurity and uncertainty can be eliminated – something that many private individuals have also caught the eye of.

Easy operation and reliability of video surveillance system

All of our TVO systems are very reliable and easy to use. For example, everything is controlled via the App or PC interface, and the videos stored on the hard disk can be quickly and easily retrieved if needed both locally locally, via the App or an external interface.

We only use recognized brands within TVO and offer up to 3 years warranty on our products, as we have a partnership agreement with one of the world’s largest suppliers of TVO solutions. It is your guarantee of the highest product quality at the best prices.

We keep a log of all our service tasks and annual services, and we have an FM-TOOL platform where you as a customer have full access to reports, manuals, cable plans, o-plans etc.

Professional advice based on your needs

Whatever your needs and whether you are a retail or business customer, the right advice on product selection, design and setup is alpha and omega so you can get the most out of your TVO. We have been in the business since 1959 – since the early start of TVO – and can therefore draw on many years of expertise and experience when we advise and install for you.

As your TVO advisor, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for you based on your wishes and needs. It is a model that we experience, gives repeat customers, and ultimately that is what it is about for us. Contact us and hear more about what we can offer you.