Automatic fire alarm and detection system

An AVA system is statutory in buildings with many visitors, e.g. museums, supermarkets, etc. It is the building and fire authorities who decide whether to install an AVA and/or ABA systems in new construction.

As an authorized installer of AVA, we at PH-EL & Sikring can help with consulting / project planning, installation, and service of AVA. For decades, we have guided and established automatic fire alarm and detection systems for some of the largest business enterprises in Denmark. When you do business with us, you are guaranteed a reliable and long-term solution based on your needs and desires.

We offer the highest quality at reasonable prices for both installation and service contracts.

This is how an automatic fire alarm and detection system works

Alert systems are available in several constellations. The simplest version has an internal alert with manual activation. It typically consists of alarms and alarm pressure which activate the alarms by manual pressure. The alarm pressure will always have instructions for calling the fire department. The simple version also has a siren warning for everyone in the building.

This simple version can be expanded and expanded, for example with voice alerts, detectors, and connection to the fire service.

Speech Alert provides instructions for proper evacuation of the building. Studies have shown that it provides a more efficient and quieter evacuation than a siren alert. The voice alert also has the advantage that the associated speakers can be used as regular speakers for music or to share a message with those present in the building.

Detectors the alarms are activated automatically as soon as a fire is detected. Unlike the ABA system, the Fire Service still has to be called manually.

The connection to the Fire Service is a further extension to the AVA plant. It provides a combined AVA / ABA solution with both sirens and/or voice alerts and signal to the Emergency.

The manual alarm pressure is also useful in other emergencies where it is necessary to evacuate everyone out of the building, such as the emergency room. during a bomb threat.

Fire alarm system maintenance:

PH-EL & Sikring offers annual service contracts and regular daily service of your AVA plant at very attractive prices. We provide general maintenance of the system in accordance with current regulations, such as replacing defective parts and testing the system’s operation.

We keep a log of all our service tasks and annual services, and we have an FM-TOOL platform where you as a customer have full access to reports, manuals, cable plans, o-plans, etc.

Service of automatic fire alarm and detection systems

We have been in the installer business since 1959 and worked with AVA for as long as it has existed.

Our engineering team is among the country’s most skilled and experienced, and we make sure to keep them up to date on the latest knowledge in the industry through continuing education and training. This means that you are always guaranteed the best and most competent advice and service when doing business with us. We listen to you and your wishes and use the dialogue with you as a starting point for the design of the plant. We experience this, give the best results, and return customers.

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