ADK – Automatic door control (access control)

An ADK system is a must for any company that wants to protect its assets.

In fact, ADK is a complex system consisting of an identification device, electromechanical locks, detectors for recording the state of access points and equipment for recording events and programming. Many elements combine to make up the overall system, and there is a great difference in type and quality. Therefore, it is crucial that you get the right advice so that you get the right system to match your needs. This applies no matter how big or small a plant you need.

At PH-EL & Sikring, we have experience in building everything from small stand-alone plants to giant plants with many doors across multiple locations – all controlled from one central user interface. Therefore, you can safely trust us in your safety.

Focus on ease of use and reliability

All our facilities are of the highest quality and are established and serviced in accordance with the Insurance & Pension rules. We focus on ease of use and reliability to make everyday use easy. For example, everything can be centrally controlled from the App and PC interface, and we have the option of connecting your AIA (Automatic Burglar Alarm) with your ADK on one interface.

We keep a log of all our service tasks and annual service and have an FM-TOOL platform where you as a customer have full access to reports, manuals, cable plans, o-plans etc.

An ADK provider you can trust

At PH-EL & Sikring, we have one goal and one goal alone: to provide the best possible solution for your budget and needs. We experience that, give repeat customers, and that is the most important thing for us.

We have been in the business since 1959 and have many years of experience and know-how that we constantly seek to challenge with further training and courses for our employees. In other words, we can guarantee both competence humanity in the counseling.

Contact us and hear more about how we can help you with ADK.