Supply / Switchboard / System Grounding

Is a large part of our daily work consists of larger painting systems as well as repairs and replacement.

We work in collaboration with our suppliers – planning work with the customer, design, determination of short-circuit levels, delivery / assembly, setting of protective equipment and all necessary documentation for finished work. Our installers have extensive experience with this type of work as we have a team of installers specializing in this area. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and well done work.

In connection with switchboards we come to supply conditions including correct system grounding, plugs and mains. Sizing of connectors and mains in close cooperation with the customer’s needs. Especially here it can be mentioned that the supply network in Denmark is experiencing a larger and larger amount of “unidirection”

where mention must be made of LED lighting systems, computers, laptops, frequency control and other “consumers” who help to create harmonic harmonics in the supply network that deviate from the network’s 50 Hz. We perform voltage analyzes where we determine the causes of, for example, operating breakdowns.

Therefore, it is very important to determine the customer’s need for a proper supply network to be dimensioned. With us you will get the best possible guidance and we will do our best to ensure that you experience a competent and competent partner.