Maintenance Fiber-optic cable

PH-El is your local fiber repairer in Copenhagen and Zealand. We are specialists in troubleshooting and cleaning of both multimode and single-mode fiber.

We test eating fiber using OTDR and dumping. FiberCheck probe (camera) for guaranteed troubleshooting. We have started with the early start of fiber optic installations and have set and tried the best before repairing fiber for as private as corporate customers.

A fiber never lasts forever, so repairing your fiber may be necessary

Fiber optic cable systems are fragile. The core of multimode cables is only 50 micrometers, which is approx. corresponds to the thickness of a hair and in a single fashion cable just 9 microns. Therefore, it goes without saying that not much dirt or dust is needed before the fibers are destroyed. Many electrical installers are not sufficiently careful when installing fiber, and it significantly shortens their life if there is already dust and dirt in the ultra-thin fibers even before installation.

Maintenance Fiber-optic cable

Even if one is very careful during the installation phase, it is difficult to avoid getting dust in the fibers at some point, and since the signal line is based on light particles, it can interfere with the conduction speed. That’s where we come in. We can either help you with a fixed deal where we check connectors and coupler once or several times a year to make sure everything plays as it should, or we can come to the rescue when the damage is done and the wiring speed is compromised. The former agreement we often make with the customers for whom we have installed fiber as part of a total installation and maintenance package.

A fiber repairer you can trust

PH EL is a long-time member of Tekniq (the organization of electrical installers) and ISO 9001 certified, which is your guarantee of the highest professional quality. We are also an old company – we have been in the business since 1956 – with a value set that comes from a time when customer contact, compliance with agreements and focus on the detail were more important.

We still live up to those values ​​and make a virtue of spending time on consulting and customer contact. That focus helps to create mutual trust, security, and respect, which, we believe, is a strong contributing reason for the vast majority of our customers remaining.

Contact us on tel. 39 16 31 31 or email to hear more about how we can help you with fiber repair.