Automatic Fire alarm system – ABA System

An ABA system – Fire alarm system is a legal requirement in all new buildings in accordance with the Building Regulations and is therefore automatically installed in all new buildings according to requirements from the building and fire authorities. However, it is up to the individual company/builder whether they want to install the ABA plant themselves, for example for something newer and better to increase safety. This may be relevant for companies where employees, customers, and others. has valuable assets in the building.

When the building and fire authorities arrange for the installation of an ABA system, it is automatically connected to the fire service, which can quickly expire in the event of a fire. If you choose to install yourself, you must actively choose whether it should be connected to the Fire Brigade. That’s why there are a lot of things to think about when you need to have ABA installed – here we come into the picture.
aba anlæg | Automatisk brandsikring

At PH-EL & Sikring we have many years of experience in the industry and have guided and established ABA with large corporate customers for decades. We offer highly trained staff at attractive prices, both when talking ad hoc tasks and service (service contracts).

This is how an ABA system Automatic Fire Alarm System works

An ABA system (abbreviated by Automatic Fire Alarm) is a fire alarm system. It typically consists of a control panel, a series of detectors, alarms, alarm pressure, flash and orientation plans.

  • Detectors

The detectors can be of different types and are determined by wishes of e.g. reaction time and any considerations of environment and environment at work.

The most common detectors are addressable optical detectors.

  • Alarm pressure

The alarm pressure is to manually activate the system and can also be used in other types of emergency where you want to evacuate the building quickly. At an ABA system required by the government, the alarm pressure will always send a direct signal to the Emergency when you press it.

  • Alarms

In the building you can get 3 different types of alarms in your ABA system: sirens, voice alerts, or optical alarms (flash alarms). When we help you put together your plant, we take taking into account the nature of the work, the noise level, and the size and division of the premises.

  • Control panel, flash and orientation plan

There will always be a red flash alarm on the facade, which helps the Fire Service find the entrance where your control panel and orientation plans are located. With the help of the two elements, the Fire Service can quickly get an overview and locate the fire in your building.

Collect all your fire protection centrally with ABA

The fire alarm system can control other fire protection systems such as ABDL systems, warning systems, fire ventilation, and room extinguishing systems. It can also receive an alarm signal from e.g. an automatic sprinkler system or an automatic room extinguisher system.

Design and maintenance of ABA system

There are high demands on the maintenance of an ABA system, because it has a direct connection to the Emergency Preparedness. First and foremost, you must appoint an operator responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ABA plant. He or she must complete a special course for ABA plant operations and maintenance managers. Secondly, it is a legal requirement that the ABA plant receives a service inspection once a year, during which functional tests are done. This functional test must be performed by a certified ABA company. Finally, you must have an agreement with an accredited inspection company (DBI or RMG) that, on behalf of the authorities, checks that your facility is being properly inspected and that there is an operator who has the skills to perform the task.

However, all this you do not have to speculate so much when doing business with us. As a DBI-certified ABA installer, we put together an ABA system that meets all requirements based on your special needs and wishes. We also make sure to teach an operator about the operation of the facility, and we conduct maintenance training every year during the annual service.

We handle all service of ABA system

We offer annual service contracts and regular daily service at very attractive prices.

We provide general maintenance of the system in accordance with current regulations, such as the replacement of defective parts and testing of the operation of the system. All our technicians have the highest professional level and are updated with the latest knowledge in the industry through continuous training and courses. It is your guarantee that the plant with warranty meets the legal requirements after service has been completed.

We also keep a log of all our service tasks and the annual service, and we have an FM-TOOL platform where you as a customer have full access to reports, manuals, cable plans, o-plans, etc. That way there is 100% transparency.

Put your fire protection ABA in safe hands

At PH-EL & Sikring we have been in the business since 1959 and have seen and tried most of it in terms of fire protection. Over the years, we have accumulated experience and competencies to handle even the largest and most difficult fire insurance contracts.

Whatever you need and whether you are a private or business customer, we guarantee extremely competent service and advice to you based on your unique needs and desires. Contact us today and get a non-binding and free meeting about ABA and fire protection.