Technology & Automation

We offer:

PLC Programmering – bl.a.

  •   Siemens TE Portal / STEP $
  •   S7 and S5 PLCs
  •   IDEC Invents PLC’er
  •   Troubleshooting machines and systems with PLC

HMI – bl.a.

  •     IGSS SCADA system
  •    Siemens operator panels
  •     Pro-face operator panels
  •     UniOP operator panels

Testing and commissioning of machines and plants with PLC controls

At PH-EL & Sikring automatik, we offer the establishment of installations within industrial automation, process control systems and mechanical engineering.

Integrated systems with PLC, SCADA, operator panels and appliances (eg frequency inverters) with network connection (PROFINET and / or PROFIBUS).

An older production plant can result in a lot of “downtime”, and a total renovation can therefore be the right solution and in the long run a financial gain.

With the renovation, you can expect all the other benefits that come with using the latest management technologies.

Or maybe you just want a new production line consisting of several different machines, mounted and system integrated in your company. A complex task that we would like to take on the responsibility of helping you successfully through.

Since we at PH-EL & Sikring know how important documentation is, we always make sure that every project has a set of electrical documentation, as-built. With our expertise in electrical documentation, we can take on the task of designing and documenting both the control panel and the rest of the system’s electrical structure.

We program the PLC according to your management description or help you prepare it if need be.

We can further offer to make HMI interface for control and operation. This can be buttons / lamps, operator panel and / or SCADA system.

Therefore, we always have the right software solution for your current task.

Of course, we take on the task as a whole, so your total solution is delivered by PH-EL & Fuse control.