Security – Access Control – Monitoring

The keyword is optimal security and safety for the customer.

Security is a matter of trust, whether it is business or private. It’s about securing values ​​and feeling safe. PH-EL & Hedging carries out large and small solutions within fire and theft protection, access control, video surveillance and more. at a high professional level. We reach the optimal solution through a close cooperation with you that meets your needs. For us, quality work at a fair price, proximity, security and short response time is of the utmost importance for the cooperation between us and the customer to work, and the starting point for the customer to feel safe and in competent hands. We have been providing security solutions since 1956 based on a continuous training of our employees and a focus on all our employees having a high professional level and that only quality products are used. We also have very competitive prices for service of fire and fire protection systems on both ad hoc tasks and planned service (service contracts). For us, security work is about proximity, trust, professionalism and optimization in relation to the customer’s needs and we are always ready to advise and in every way assist the customer within our competences.

We are a certified supplier of ABA plants, AIA plants, ADK plants, TVO plants, ABV plants.