Energy optimization does not have to be cumbersome

It may sound great to talk about energy optimizations, but it doesn’t have to be.Sometimes it is not so much that we need to achieve great energy savings.

You can often achieve great savings by simply optimizing the technical installations and replacing old electronic equipment.

Climate-friendly energy solutions

Investing in energy-optimizing solutions is not only beneficial to the economy – but also for the environment.You can help reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the green transition.For climate-friendly solutions such as solar cells, earth heat and heat pumps, you can significantly lower Co2 emissions and your expenses.


Our experience is that few companies in a busy everyday life have time to concentrate enough on energy purchases, and we know that there can be a lot of money saved in getting the right prices and conditions on energy supplies.We can see that we can always contribute knowledge and input that provides value on the bottom line

We create value for our customers through:
  • Impartial advice.
  • Input to a procurement strategy.
  • Market surveillance according to the company’s procurement strategy
  • Better prices, and competitive exposure on fully comparable terms.
  • When we run tenders, suppliers know very well that there is fierce competition.It will benefit you.
  • When questions arise, you have an impartial party you can discuss it with.
  • We have “free choice” on all the suppliers ‘ shelves, and then we know what they have on the shelves.
  • You get professional counteracting against the suppliers.
  • We don’t sell you energy – we help you navigate a complex market.
  • We know who is sharp on prices and what is realistic to get negotiated home.
  • We make sure that no animal defects are made.
  • Inputs for budget reporting, consumption analysis and the
  • We have an overview of your consumption, which you will always be able to access as needed.
  • We make sure to provide grants for your energy projects.
  • Assistance to navigate the jungle for green environmentally correct products.
Get a non-committal deal on energy-friendly measures
Do you have an idea that you spend too much money on energy in your private home, in your business or institution?Or do you have a dream of getting a greener profile?We’ll be happy to help you reduce your energy consumption and achieve energy savings.
We come by and make a review of your energy consumption, where we identify possible savings areas, and come up with a non-committal offer for an energy-friendly solution.