PH-EL & Fuse is your lighting and safety contractor

Sales and security are the two most important points of retail. It’s about creating customer pleasure – and protecting your assets. We can help with both things at PH-EL & Sikring.

Namely, the right lighting in strategic places can improve the focused interest in your store by getting the customer to notice your goods and the desire to buy them. It’s called task-specific lighting planning and gives your customers an inspiring and true shopping experience. At the same time, lighting can be an integral part of an effective alarm system that protects against vandalism and burglary.

By gathering the contract with us you can save large sums and at the same time get an integrated solution where all the shop’s electrical installations work optimally both practically and aesthetically.

We offer:

  • Grundbelysnings plant
  • Special lighting systems
  • Force fixtures
  • Data Installations
  • Refrigerator and frost installations
  • ABDL
  • ABV
  • ABA
  • ITV fixtures

References from the largest in the retail industry

For more than 50 years we have worked for COOP / FDB with modernization, extensions and renovations of Kvickly, Super, Fact shops and Dagli ‘Brugser. As their regular service partner, we have also had our daily walk in these stores, which has given us a unique expertise and experience with retail electrical installations that future customers can benefit from.

World-class consulting and sparring

At PH-EL & Sikring we have the know-how, network and commitment to meet every challenge and can draw on our vast experience in developing brand new and revolutionary concepts. In other words, if you are looking for a sparring partner for a retail adventure, we can be your strong ally.

Two things characterize our business model: Qualified manpower and returning customers. Most of our employees celebrate our anniversary, which means that we are able to maintain and further develop know-how in the company. At the same time, our customers know that we are a contractor to be trusted. A contractor who adheres to agreements and does things properly; who listen to the wishes of the customers and do everything to realize them, and overall they are to be trusted.

Book a non-binding meeting with us and hear what we can offer you and your retail business.