PH-EL & Sikring handles all electrical assignments for business and industry

PH-EL has the capacity and knowhow to handle all electrical assignments for business and industry in Denmark.

Throughout the last couple of years, as electricians, we have developed an extremely broad range of skills: We have performed repair work, electrical installations for the food industry and the medical industry; we have directed power to classrooms, assembly halls, data bars, office environments, exits and canteen areas; we have made laboratory installments used for research purposes, tunnel areas, terrain lighting and much more.

Many of our employees are celebrating 25-, 35- and 40th anniversary with us, this makes us happy and proud, because it has allowed us to gather a lot of knowhow together under our roof. We are therefore in charge of some of the best forces in our industry. We have people who are experts at mounting machines, switchboards and intelligent building installations, this allow us to handle some of the largest electric assignments all by ourselves.

In short, we have experience with most electrical work and we can handle any assignment you might need. The more creative, the better – we love a challenge.

Electrical installations from A to Z

An electrical installation is not a simple procedure and PH-EL always takes the necessary time to ensure that everything works, the way it should, both before, under and after the installation. Before the installation, we make sure to check the routings and after the installation, we test everything to make sure that all of it works correctly.

After we finish the job, you will receive complete documentation of all the work done. The electrician will go through the rapport with you and you can ask any questions you might have; he won’t leave the area until he is sure that you are satisfied, and everything is cleaned up and neat.

Balancing expectations of solutions and customer care

All the work is made in close cooperation with you, this way, we can balance expectations of the work in progress. In other words, we take the time to listen to your needs and wants before starting the work, this way, there aren’t any unwanted surprises. In our experience, this ensures good relations, happy employees and return business.

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